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Case Studies | 10 November 2023

Why You Need A Customizable NFT Marketplace: A Deep Dive into Customization

The rise of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has redefined the concept of online trade. While traditional Internet marketplaces focus on exchanging regular, everyday items, NFT marketplaces are centered around unique digital assets, ranging from digital art to in-game items. These tokens are unique, scarce, and verifiable, reshaping our understanding of digital ownership. In this article we’ll […]

Case Studies | 9 November 2023

Meet Cometh’s NFT Marketplace: The White Label Solution For Your Web3 Project

Explore the Future of Digital Assets with Cometh NFT Marketplace API: A Gateway to Innovative NFT Applications. This comprehensive guide introduces the Cometh NFT Marketplace API, a powerful tool for developers to create advanced NFT platforms. Learn how it supports ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens, offers seamless integration of marketplace features, and ensures a user-friendly experience. Discover its key features like asset management, real-time activity tracking, and easy auction setups. Ideal for both newcomers and seasoned blockchain enthusiasts, this API simplifies the transition to Web3 with smart wallet compatibility and fiat payment options. Dive into the world of customizable, secure, and innovative NFT marketplaces with Cometh, and join our community on Twitter and Discord for updates and support.

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Case Studies | 8 November 2023

Web3 Gaming in 2023: Video Games That Are Moving Away From Generic Play To Earn

Revolutionizing Gaming: Web3 Games Shift Focus to Fun and Engagement. This article delves into the evolution of Web3 gaming, addressing past criticisms like play-to-earn models and lack of fun. Discover how blockchain technology is being reimagined to prioritize enjoyable gameplay and fair practices, with a spotlight on innovative, free-to-play games. Learn about the transition from profit-focused models to user-centric experiences, highlighting games like Alien Worlds, Life Beyond, and more, which blend blockchain's unique capabilities with engaging gameplay. Join us in exploring the new era of Web3 gaming where fun, security, and player empowerment are at the forefront.

Case Studies | 8 November 2023

How Lacoste created a first-class Web3 experience with Cometh solutions

Lacoste, the global leading brand at the crossroads of sport and fashion made its first foray into the exciting world of Web3 with the launch of the UNDW3: The Emerge NFT collection to bring together its communities and cultures around the crocodile.