biometrics, smart wallet, web 3
biometrics, smart wallet, web 3

Cometh Connect: Towards Seamless Integration and Security

The digital world is evolving and with it comes the promise of Web3 — a decentralized version of the internet that seeks to empower users with more control, transparency, and autonomy. However, as with any technological shift, reaching the end goal is not without its challenges. One of the bigger issues it’s facing is the onboarding challenge- a process that needs to be as intuitive as Web2 platforms, but with security that only has been made possible with the decentralization, autonomy, and transparency of blockchain technology. With Cometh Connect, our Account-Abstraction-As-A-Service security and user experience are central to its design. But first, let’s deep dive into the problematics of web3 onboarding and how our solution can make the blockchain accessible while keeping web3 security.

Web3 Onboarding and The Need for Familiarity

Diving into the world of Web3 can be intense, especially for those who are unfamiliar with what it is, or with the technology that supports it. There are new terms, unfamiliar interfaces, and different processes to take in. Unlike the user-friendly interfaces of Web2 platforms that we’ve become accustomed to like Facebook, Google, or Amazon, doing anything in Web3 often presents a much steeper learning curve. Smart contracts, wallet addresses, private keys, gas fees — these are just a few of the terms that’ll both confuse and potentially discourage newcomers. The biggest challenge, therefore, is to make the transition to Web3 as smooth and intuitive as signing up for an email account, creating a social media profile, or making online purchases. But how to onboard the next generation of web3 users?

All About Security

While ease of use is crucial, security shouldn’t be expensed. In fact, one of the major points of Web3 is its potential to offer better security compared to its predecessor. Over the years, Web2 has been plagued with issues ranging from data breaches, and privacy concerns to doxxing. Centralized servers become lures for hackers, and users are often left vulnerable, their personal data and information exploited.

Web3 and its decentralized ethos promise to put an end to those issues. By design, it eliminates single points of failure, ensuring that users’ data isn’t concentrated in one vulnerable location. Ethereum, being a decentralized platform, operates on a network of thousands of nodes (computers) worldwide. This means that even if several nodes were to fail or get compromised, the network would continue to function normally. But intention doesn’t equate to results. The onboarding process into Web3 platforms needs to be fortified with robust security measures that are not only better than Web2 but also intuitive enough for users to understand and manage. Our smart-wallet-as-a-service Cometh Connect does just that.

Cometh Connect

Cometh Connect is Account-Abstraction-as-a-service. It simplifies how a user interacts with the blockchain and drastically improves the onboarding experience, going as far as completely abstracting wallets from users while using non-custodial solutions — offering a web2-like experience within web3. Try our demo here.

Cometh Connect allows users to create and manage their wallets with nothing else than their biometrics, safely secured on their device’s secure enclaves (smartphones, laptops…). Cometh Connect also enables sponsored transactions, allowing dApps to handle users’ transaction fees, completely abstracting the concept of gas for daily users. Essentially, end-users won’t need to pay gas fees on their favorite dApps, ever. At the foundation of its architecture, Cometh Connect creates a seamless user experience where the world of web3 becomes intuitive to newcomers while having faith that their interactions are secure. How? Enter Gnosis Safe and WebAuthn.

Safe Wallet

Safe is the leading decentralized asset management and custody protocol on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Recognized as the industry’s gold standard, it safeguards over 40 billion dollars in assets. Safe has also undergone rigorous audits and extensive real-world testing, solidifying its reputation as the go-to smart contract wallet. However, while its security is unparalleled, it can be intricate for newcomers. This is where solutions like Cometh Connect come into play, enhancing the Gnosis Safe experience by integrating advanced features and ensuring a seamless and secure user experience.


As the apex of modern authentication, WebAuthn is the current Web2 sign-on standard, adopted by a majority of online services transitioning to passwordless sign-on. By using public key cryptography, it registers and authenticates users, ensuring security through biometrics and advanced storage processes. Whether it’s TouchID/FaceID on iOS or FIDO on Android, WebAuthn operates seamlessly across platforms. More importantly, it has revolutionized online interactions by eliminating the need for multiple passwords. With WebAuthn, hacking someone’s face or fingerprint is significantly more challenging than cracking a password, offering a level of security that’s both robust and user-friendly. Combined with a Safe wallet, Cometh Connect raises the standards of web3 user experience without compromising on its security.

The Future is Web3 — Seamless and Secure

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the need for platforms and tools that offer both ease of use and robust security becomes paramount. The Web3 goal is clear: provide users with an onboarding experience that’s as seamless as Web2 but with the fortified security that the blockchain promises. With solutions like Cometh Connect leading the way, the future of Web3 looks not only promising but also secure, setting the stage for a new era of the internet that prioritizes user experience and safety in equal measure.

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