Blog | 27 June 2024

How DOLZ is Transforming Erotic Card Collections with Web3

Overview Since 1998, Totem has been a leader in the development of erotic card collection software. On their site, customers can buy and collect cards that correspond to a 30 to 40-minute erotic show. In 2018, Totem expanded its offering by releasing a virtual reality (VR) game on Steam that quickly became a top-seller on […]

Case Studies | 14 June 2024

Interview with Chainsafe Stream Lead on building dApps with Cometh Connect

We recently sat down with Martin Maurer, stream lead at Chainsafe, to learn more about how his team is working to offer open-source solutions and protocols to improve the blockchain space – and his team’s experience using Cometh Connect in our recent GDC Lootbox collaboration.  Martin is a technical project manager at ChainSafe Systems working […]

Press Release | 30 May 2024

Transak-Cometh Integration: Offering Crypto Purchases on our Layer 3 Blockchain, Muster for Cosmik Battle

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Transak. This partnership provides the first-ever direct on-ramp to a Layer 3 blockchain, marking a significant step towards eliminating friction associated with engaging with Web3 applications. We’ve implemented an innovative fiat-to-smart contract system, allowing users to purchase crypto using Transak One directly on our Muster Layer 3 […]

Products | Video | 26 April 2024

Connect Demo: Onboard customers to Web3 with digital certificates

Enjoy this short demo video showing how a brand can easily offer digital certificates for a physical good that a customer buys using Cometh Connect. Cometh Connect is a secure biometric wallet that can be embedded into applications or games. With just a few lines of code brands can offer a fully branded flow for […]

Learn | Video | 25 March 2024

THEY’VE TOKENIZED OVER $30B – Real World Assets ft Centrifuge, Tokeny, Dowgo

Explore the revolutionary merger of real-world assets and blockchain technology ! Delve into the practical applications and emerging opportunities of this convergence, with leading experts sharing their visions and experiences. With : Luc Falempin – Tokeny / Eli Cohen – Centrifuge / Oscar Dumant – Dowgo / Leopold Wenger – Cometh

Case Studies | Video | 18 January 2024

Combien coûte réellement un rollup ?

Étude de cas sur les frais de transaction d’un optimistic rollup par Augustin de La Ferrière de chez Cometh !