How DOLZ is Transforming Erotic Card Collections with Web3


Since 1998, Totem has been a leader in the development of erotic card collection software. On their site, customers can buy and collect cards that correspond to a 30 to 40-minute erotic show. In 2018, Totem expanded its offering by releasing a virtual reality (VR) game on Steam that quickly became a top-seller on Steam VR. A Web3 Collection

In 2022, DOLZ ventured into the Web 3 technology sector by offering an NFT card collection, merging its traditional card collection software and VR game with blockchain technology, mixing elements of virtual, mixed, and augmented reality. The new Web3-enabled collection allows their community to:

  • Buy tokens with cryptocurrency (DOLZ coins). These coins can be used to purchase cards, which are then transformed into NFTs. This is a shift from purchasing physical cards through their traditional website.
  • Manage their DOLZ coins and cards in their wallets for use on the platform.
  • Use their cards to gain access to both traditional shows and a 3D version on their VR headset or via AR on mobile. Additionally, they are planning to develop a multiplayer mode, paving the way for a type of metaverse. In this metaverse, customers can interact in VR, exchange, and enjoy NFT features together.
  • Trade cards with other users through a marketplace. This creates a secondary market for limited edition cards, expanding customers’ access to a broader range of experiences. It also allows collectors to buy and sell cards.

The Economics of Web3

When the NFT collection was first introduced in 2022, the average ‘spend’ for customers who purchased Web3 collections was significantly higher than those purchasing traditional cards. This spike was partly due to the influx of ‘web3 enthusiasts’ who joined the platform to collect cards. However, it also indicates a higher engagement rate with the new collection from both new and legacy customers.


Too complicated for customers:

After launching the new collection, the company encountered substantial obstacles in transitioning their traditional customer base to this new Web3 model. Although they attracted a surge of new ‘Web3 enthusiasts’ who were not previous customers, only 2% of their existing clientele, who regularly purchase physical cards, were open to exploring the new Web3 collection.

The primary hurdle for existing customers was the complexity of creating a wallet and buying the necessary crypto to acquire and trade cards on the platform.

For a user unfamiliar with crypto, they were required to do the following:

  1. Create a wallet – like Metamask
  2. Make their first crypto purchase – purchasing gas fees separately
  3. Save and manage passkey phrases
  4. Access their wallet in DOLZ to purchase and manage cards.

Considering that the average age of their existing customer base is over 40, apart from a few dedicated supporters who were willing to go through all the steps and tutorials, most of their customers found it too bothersome and preferred to continue purchasing traditional ‘legacy cards’.

The Marketplace Was Not Flexible Enough

They also faced several challenges with the marketplace provider that they were working with:

  • Choppy User Experience: Customers had to leave the DOLZ platform to go to the marketplace to view and exchange cards with other users. Also their customers were not able to use DOLZ tokens on the marketplace – necessitating purchases of additional cryptocurrency to acquire cards from marketplace users.
  • Lack of control: One of their collections was banned because it included nudes, forcing them to remove it from their offering.
  • Unprofitable pricing model: While the marketplace’s initial low fixed fees were appealing, as the volume of transactions grew, they were obligated to pay fees for each user-to-user transaction. This quickly became costly, particularly because these transactions did not generate revenue for DOLZ.

So, they started searching for a way to fully capitalize on the advantages their new collection offered and improve the onboarding experience to encourage more of their existing user base to convert. The main criteria they needed were:

  1. Easier Onboarding: A way to quickly onboard existing customers so that they could create a blockchain account, purchase DOLZ coins, and easily purchase or exchange cards using the same user experience that they were used to – a few clicks and entering a credit card.
  2. A New Marketplace: They knew that they needed a marketplace that offered more control – the ability to customize and set their own rules, have a fee structure that matched their business model and enabled them to offer an integrated marketplace experience within their platform.

While they have a development team well-versed in Web3 technologies, they knew that it would take over a year to build the user experience and marketplace they needed to achieve their customer goals.

Why Cometh?

DOLZ discovered Cometh at a gaming sector event organized by The Big Whale and were excited to find an ‘off the shelf’ solution that would meet all of their requirements and save them over a year of development.

Cometh offered two solutions that enabled them to easily implement the marketplace and user onboarding experience that they lacked.

With Connect, Cometh’s biometric wallet as a service, they could reduce the friction for customers to convert to Web3, enabling more customers to get the benefits of their new marketplace and Web3 collection.

“Until now, we were considering creating our own marketplace, which was months of development. So we thought it would be a good idea to adopt your solution if it met our requirements”

Cometh’s Marketplace allowed DOLZ to implement a marketplace with the flexibility that they needed without having to build it from the ground up – which would take months as well as a significant amount of ongoing development resources to maintain and update.

it met their requirements

  • Integrated User Experience: By integrating the marketplace directly into their platform, DOLZ could offer its users an fully integrated experience where they could access the marketplace and acquire cards using DOLZ tokens without leaving DOLZ.
  • Flexibility: Implementing the Cometh marketplace allowed them to create their own rules and have complete control over their collections and user experience.
  • Competitive Fees: Cometh’s flexible fee structure allowed DOLZ to shift to a higher fixed month fee and lower per transaction fee – aligning with their business model.
  • Customizations: The marketplace could be customized to fit DOLZ’s branding.

Implementation of Cometh Marketplace

The DOLZ team was able to implement the Cometh Marketplace very quickly. The Cometh team was very responsive and provided a high level of collaboration.

By implementing Cometh Marketplace, it allows their team to focus on the DOLZ platform and the business logic of how the marketplace functions instead of building the software to deliver it.

If they had had to build a simple version of their own customized marketplace to meet their requirements, they estimate that it would have taken months – and would have required them to build their own backend infrastructure that would need to be updated and maintained on an ongoing basis.

“Given our workforce and the fact that we have other projects underway, a project like this could have easily spanned a year. It would have been a lot of work and could delay other important initiatives, such as the development of our marketplace. Although we have the technical skills to deliver the project without major problems, the workload and time required would be considerable.”

Cometh Connect Integration and Improved Onboarding

DOLZ has recently implemented Cometh Connect and anticipate that it will remove the barriers to onboarding, and that they will see increased conversion from their existing customer base to their Web3 collections.

With Cometh Connect, DOLZ customers can create a crypto wallet using their biometric information, fund their wallets using a credit card and immediately acquire cards on the marketplace, without leaving the DOLZ platform.

About DOLZ is a platform dedicated to the creation, trading, and collection of adult-themed NFTs. The platform leverages blockchain technology to ensure transparency, security of its digital assets and caters to collectors and enthusiasts within the adult entertainment industry, offering a diverse array of unique and exclusive content. By providing a secure and anonymous environment for buying, selling, and collecting NFTs, revolutionizes the way adult content is distributed and monetized in the digital age. Check out the video about their Web3 collection.

Their recently re-released marketplace features a wide array of unique digital assets, allowing users to buy, sell, and collect adult-oriented NFTs securely and anonymously.

About Cometh Solutions

Cometh is a pioneering blockchain technology company with a mission to shape the future of Web3 and pave the way for its widespread adoption.

Cometh Connect is an SDK and API for builders to easily embed self-custodial wallets with passkeys and gas-less transactions into Web3 games and DApps. Cometh is a blockchain industry leader and offers a Web3 development platform for brands to add Web3 capabilities to games and applications.

Cometh Marketplace allows Web 3 platforms to offer a secondary marketplace for their NFTS – and control secondary sales market using their own currency and rules.  The Marketplace API enables Web3 builders to quickly implement a fully integrated and branded marketplace experience into their applications.