Blog | 23 November 2023

Game On: Creating a NFT Engagement Program In Video Games

Cometh collaborated with Life Beyond Studios to bring to life their NFT engagement program for their AAA blockchain MMORPG sci-fi game based in the metaverse. But of course, there are some challenges. Check out the interview with our CTO Vincent Le Gallic and Life Beyond's CPO Vincent Marty on how they brought it to life.

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Case Studies | 8 November 2023

Web3 Gaming in 2023: Video Games That Are Moving Away From Generic Play To Earn

Revolutionizing Gaming: Web3 Games Shift Focus to Fun and Engagement. This article delves into the evolution of Web3 gaming, addressing past criticisms like play-to-earn models and lack of fun. Discover how blockchain technology is being reimagined to prioritize enjoyable gameplay and fair practices, with a spotlight on innovative, free-to-play games. Learn about the transition from profit-focused models to user-centric experiences, highlighting games like Alien Worlds, Life Beyond, and more, which blend blockchain's unique capabilities with engaging gameplay. Join us in exploring the new era of Web3 gaming where fun, security, and player empowerment are at the forefront.