web3 gaming NFT
web3 gaming NFT

Life Beyond Studios x Cometh: Creating An NFT Engagement Program In The Life Beyond Metaverse

Web3 is transforming different industries, with blockchain, decentralization, and tokenization at its core. NFTs, a collectible that is part commodity, part emotional, have become a powerful tool for community engagement and monetization in gaming.

Adding NFTs into your game’s ecosystem can easily increase player engagement, especially while working with the right blockchain knowledge and expertise. The collaboration between Life Beyond and Cometh showcases what is accomplished when you combine AAA development experience with blockchain technological know-how.

About Life Beyond and Their Challenges

A successful video game relies on great design, storytelling, and of course a strong community. Enter Life Beyond . Developed by Life Beyond Studios , the game is a blockchain MMORPG sci-fi game based in the metaverse. With players being able to express themselves creatively through content creation and social interaction — the game encourages meaningful and interactive online experiences.

Heralded by industry veterans from Ubisoft and Lionhead Studios, this AAA production uses Unreal Engine 5 and is powered by a player-owned economy on the blockchain. It’s an immersive journey that regardless of their platform or habits can interact with the game when and where they want.

Part of this was the creation of NFTs. Life Beyond wanted to enhance and expand its community by implementing an engagement program that utilizes NFTs in unique and innovative ways. NFTs play a crucial role in the game, providing users with immersive experiences through their practical functionality, high-end visual design, and consistent narrative elements. They wanted to invoke:

  • True utility. Give owners access to both digital and physical benefits as well as in-game utility (token-gated access, NFTs, allow list, e-goodies, legacy in-game credits).
  • Flexibility Offerings a wide variety of customized scenarios to incentivize and reward different types of engagement.
  • Operational excellence. Operate in a fully reliable, secure, and transparent way to provide a seamless and exciting experience for users.

How They Chose Cometh As Their Blockchain Tech Partner

Life Beyond’s team are expert developers who have worked on some of the most popular video game titles like the Fable series and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. While they’ve delivered AAA successes, developing blockchain-based games requires additional support, especially to conceptualize the blockchain strategy and then the best ways to implement it. With over a decade of experience working with the tech and having developed a successful blockchain-based game, Cometh and its blockchain veterans were the right choice: they had the exact expertise needed to their vision to life:

  • Deep blockchain experience to help build a truly innovative and engaging engagement program based on NFTs.
  • Proven track record in operating state-of-the-art Mint/Airdrop programs securely, with fair and verifiable NFT distribution, and an optimal user experience.
  • Customization capabilities that required a partner that can tackle the challenge of bringing a complex and custom-based engagement program to life.

The Cometh x Life Beyond Studios Collaboration

Working with Cometh has been a game-changer for us. Their incredible expertise in blockchain technology has allowed us to take our business to new heights. The amazing support and collaboration we’ve received from the Cometh team, their dedication to our project and willingness to work closely with us has truly set them apart from other tech suppliers we’ve worked with in the past. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership.”

Vincent Marty, Chief Product & Strategy Officer at Life Beyond Studios

Life Beyond Studios teamed up with Cometh where together they were to operationalize an NFT program to integrate into Life Beyond. Cometh sought to not only give the game the tech solutions it wanted but also to help the team become independent with their understanding and competence in blockchain technology.

For the game, Cometh delivered:

  • NFT Drop architecture design to accommodate marketing goals and tactics.
  • Smart Contract creation and secure NFT Airdrops with a randomized, fair, and verifiable distribution using VRF (providing a high level of security and transparency).
  • Custom Mints. Operated several Mints according to various custom requirements.
  • Free mint for NFT owners
  • Burn and Mint. Get new NFTs with more perks/utilities by burning NFTs you already own.
  • Multi-Currency Purchase Options.Supports NFT purchases with multi-currency options with dynamic prices guaranteeing the final cost in USDC, helping provide a seamless experience for users.
  • Blockchain Tech and Security Consultancy to share best practices and help Life Beyond’s team ramp up their knowledge, know-how, and skills in blockchain technologies.

What came out of the collaboration between Life Beyond Studios and Cometh was a success. The game is currently in development with a full NFT program to be deployed at the release of the game, offering deeper engagement to its players while fostering creativity and community sentiment. Cometh was able to provide the technological skills needed and acted as blockchain mentors to a budding metaverse game. They were also very pleased to be able to support Life Beyond now and in their future projects.

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