How Lacoste created a first-class Web3 experience with Cometh solutions

Lacoste, the global leading brand at the crossroads of sport and fashion made its first foray into the exciting world of Web3 with the launch of the UNDW3: The Emerge NFT collection to bring together its communities and cultures around the crocodile. Joining UNDW3 grants its holders privileged access to participate in the brand’s future and to be rewarded with exclusive physical and digital benefits.

For the launch of the UNDW3: The Emerge, a collection consisting of 11212 unique PFPs living on the Ethereum blockchain, Lacoste and its Web3 strategic consulting agency Enephtys chose Cometh as their specialist blockchain partner. They collaborated to plan and operate the Mint and Airdrop securely and with absolute compliance requirements. The collection was a huge success and marks the beginning for Lacoste’s venture into the world of Web3!

Lacoste UNDW3 Collection

Challenges to Lacoste’s Success

  • Minting and Airdropping a collection of 11212 unique NFTs on the Ethereum Mainnet
  • Managing the NFT Collection with secure governance
  • Moving to a Zero Trust distribution model

Why Lacoste Chose Cometh Solution

  • The support and expertise of a team with deep and proven experience in Smart Contracts development
  • Battle-tested mint and airdrop solution
  • Cryptographic solutions for creating provably fair NFTs distribution (for creating a verifiable and fair NFTs distribution)


  • The airdrop was performed in record time and with very low gas fees
  • With the highest Web3 security standards
  • Highly mitigated risk of breach and manipulation during NFT reveal

Cometh operated:

Snapshot | Smart Contract Deployment | Metadata storage | Mint & Airdrop | Random & verifiable distribution

The right team for a strong and reputable brand

Lacoste wanted to offer a first-class Web3 experience to its fans while respecting the highest security and compliance standards. Lacoste and its partner Enephtys chose to untrust the implementation of the UNDW3 NFT Collection Mint/Airdrop to a trusted tech partner with depth expertise in blockchain but also agile and capable of finding innovative and secure solutions to their needs.

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