NFT marketplace NFT rugby
NFT marketplace NFT rugby

Cometh x FanLive Rugby: Taking The Sport Digital

More and more companies are turning their eyes toward the world of web3, finding and creating innovative ways to increase engagement across their products and brands. And as it’s still in its infancy, many need blockchain tech experts to accompany them and bring their vision to life.

That’s why Cometh and FanLive Rugby have teamed up to deliver a game-changing platform for fan engagement, connecting the world of rugby to web3.

FanLive Rugby and Their Ambition

Whether you get them in a pack or trade with your friends, collecting sports cards has always enthralled fans. And now with the potential of web3 technology, a door has been opened to a new era of collecting, trading, and selling cards of your favorite players and teams.

Kickstarted by ex-rugby players, FanLive Rugby is a digital platform that aims to transform how the community interacts by connecting rugby unions, clubs, players, and fans. Fostering an immersive experience for fans, you can collect and trade cards via their auction house. Through the platform, fans can collect and trade cards via an auction house, and partake in fantasy games mirroring real-life results, with a chance to win cards based on the performance of their fantasy team. FanLive Rugby also rewards athletes each time their NFT cards are sold, turning them into ambassadors who can strengthen their bond with fans through exclusive experiences and collectibles. This mix of collecting, trading and playing is designed to deliver fans and players alike unique opportunities and exclusives, all fuelled by web3 tech.

Leveraging secure, scalable blockchain technology, FanLive Rugby aspires to become the go-to global digital platform for rugby fans. All that was missing was the right collaboration.

Challenges Faced and Why Cometh Was The Right Choice

When FanLive Rugby decided to move forward with its vision, choosing the right blockchain experts was critical. They wanted a tailored-made marketplace solution, a quick turnaround time, and, of course, deep blockchain knowledge. This meant a solution that was performant, scalable, and maintained by another team and smart contract technology: all battled-tested and audited.

They were also facing specific challenges at the onset of the project and knew what they were aiming for in their product:

Needing to operate chain migration from Tezos to Polygon:

  • Securely transfer NFTs to the Polygon chain (for scale & security)
  • Manage the full onboarding process from wallet creation on Polygon to NFT claim (for a simple, smooth user experience)

Create a fully customized, multi-featured marketplace designed with mainstream users in mind, including:

  • Seamless Web3 onboarding — wallet creation with an email
  • Sale offers, purchase offers, and purchases are done offchain with no gas fees.
  • Purchase amounts are displayed in FIAT currency, but the transactions are made in cryptocurrencies (Matic conversion in the backend)

Fast-to-market (versus competitors)

Ensure that the Fan Live rugby team is autonomous on NFT card minting (Cometh scripts), metadata updates, and maintenance (no third-party dependency).

With over a decade of experience working with the tech and having developed a successful blockchain-based game, Cometh Battle, with a comprehensive marketplace and NFT mint, Cometh and its blockchain veterans were the right choices.

What Cometh Delivered

Chain Migration to Polygon: Managed the smooth and secure transition of FLR to Polygon, effectively migrating all user accounts, including those with and without NFTs, without compromising digital asset integrity.

Tailor-Made Marketplace: Designed and built an elegant marketplace with advanced specifications and features that catered to mainstream users:

  • For Sellers: Allows sellers to list NFTs (with fixed price or through auctions), receive & accept offers.
  • For Buyers: Enabled seamless purchases and auction bids through advanced search and filtering tools.
  • For FanLive Rugby: Allows FLR to use the marketplace as the primary market and created a comprehensive dashboard for Fanlive Rugby to monitor marketplace KPIs (key performance indicators).
  • New Users: Allows to create a wallet with an email address or use existing wallets.
  • Autonomy in NFT Minting: Implemented Cometh layer for intelligent auction features, such as auto-extending end dates on last-minute bids. Developed a smart contract to handle auction settlements, including card transfer to the highest bidder and fund transfer to the seller.
  • Autonomy in NFT Minting: Created scripts and workflows enabling the Fanlive Rugby team to mint NFTs and manage metadata updates independently, thus eliminating reliance on third parties.
  • Timely Development: Delivered all these components within record time. Cometh and the Marketplace SDK accelerated development, by abstracting the complexity through APIs.

The Result and Next Steps

Cometh and FanLive Rugby are committed to further enhancing their collaboration, aiming to establish themselves as the leading global digital platform for rugby fans to connect, interact, gather, and engage in various activities. As part of this partnership, Cometh will continue to provide regular updates, including their indexer, a valuable tool for accessing crucial marketplace data. You can check out FanLive Rugby for news and updates, take a look at their marketplace, and follow them on Twitter for more information.

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